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Cash drawers

Robust design cash drawer that can be connected to the cash register. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from different sizes, weights and colors. Compact design drawers have 4 compartments for banknotes and coins. Larger drawers - 8 or 10 coin sections, 4 or 5 banknote compartments. Many drawers are equipped with three-position locks. The equipment is made of high quality material, which ensures long-term operation of the product and resistance to environmental factors. Cash drawer is provided with a 12 month warranty.


Middle-sized cash drawer for cash registers.


Small cash drawer for cash register Euro-50T Mini. Can be used with other cash drawers as well.


Cash drawer, suitable for Euro currency. 8 or 10 sections for coins, 4 or 5 sections for banknotes. Three position lock.