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11 Vilnius Outlet restaurants with r_keeper

On 22 October in Vilnius, Pilaitė, a new outlet mall was opened, with a dedicated floor only for restaurants, cafes and bakeries. We are happy that 11 of them have chosen us as a partner and our catering facility automation system r_keeper as a solution to manage their business.

Some of the restaurants have been loyal clients for many years already, others have joined our list of clients recently, but already like r_keeper and we even have clients that came to us from our competitors. Our partners in Vilnius Outlet are: KFC, Etno Dvaras, Manami, Jurgis ir Drakonas, Brooklyn Brothers, Grill London, Casa della Pasta, Ramenas ir Pagaliukai, Jo malonė and other cool places that are soon to open.

Vilnius Outlet r_keeper Vilnius Outlet r_keeper Vilnius Outlet r_keeper