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Azerai manages the customer queue automatically. It‘s effective.

For almost a month now, one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in Vilnius, Azerai, has been operating with the unTill queue management system and is pleased with its implementation – the solution has proven to be effective.

“Every day, we have many enthusiasts of our food coming to our restaurant, so we are constantly seeking solutions to further enhance the experience for our guests.

We started using the unTill queue management system for a more efficient service process. Right from the beginning, we noticed that work became much more efficient – the number of errors decreased, and the service process became faster, simpler, and more convenient for both customers and our team.

We particularly feel and appreciate the advantages of the system when we face a massive influx of visitors during peak hours,” says Lukrecijus Duda, the founder of Azerai restaurant.

According to him, the team is delighted with the functionality and user-friendly management of the system – it is easy to use without requiring any special knowledge. The team also enjoys its modern and attractive design.

The queue management system helps to work more smoothly as the status of all orders can be monitored on a dedicated screen. Customers can see whether their ordered food has started being prepared or is ready for pickup.

The system operates simply – once an order is completed, the chef in the kitchen marks it as ready on the screen, and this status instantly appears conveniently visible to the customer.

By visiting Azerai, you will not only enjoy some of the most delicious kebabs in Vilnius but also feel as if you have arrived in Azerbaijan – the restaurant’s atmosphere exudes authenticity.

Our team often stops by there for lunch. Pay the restaurant a visit, and you will see how convenient it is to track your order on a modern screen. And if you would like to try such a system with your own customers, contact us – we will tell you more about the possibilities offered by unTill.