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Dining payments – using an employee card

Is your company located within a business complex, shopping center, airport or another venue featuring restaurants and cafes? We have got a solution if you are seeking a way to make meal payments more convenient for your employees – system that allows your employees to use their access or work cards to settle their dining bills at the adjacent cafes and restaurants.

Companies can collaborate with dining establishments equipped with the “UCS” software to provide employees with discounts using their cards on meals or allocate a daily spending limit for lunch. A common practice among our clients involves allocating a fixed monthly amount per employee, which can be used for dining at restaurants, cafes, or cafeterias. This enables companies to receive transaction reports, offering an excellent solution for managing expenses and settling with dining vendors.

This solution has proven particularly effective for our clients such as “FL Technics,” situated at Kaunas Airport and within Vilnius’ “Quadrum” complex, where a unique approach integrating all on-site restaurants using our system is employed. Employees working within the “Quadrum” business center can conveniently use their access or work cards to purchase meals. Subsequently, the restaurants provide companies with reports detailing their employees’ actual visits. Interest in such systems is on the rise in the market, indicating an increased demand from customers to implement this solution, says Mantas Antanaitis, Product Manager at our R&D team.

The adaptability of the system benefits many: our clients seeking a resolution for dining payment matters, their employees who get discounts or have their meals covered by the company, and dining establishments attracting more clients due to the nearby business employees being encouraged to dine there.

Contact us – we will find the best solution for your company by seamlessly linking dining registers with your employees’ cards for convenient use!