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Litexpo cafe automatization

We have greeted the new year 2020 by completing a big project – we automated the processes of “Litexpo” exposition center cafe. The system contains r_keeper POS, self-service kiosks, MenuBoard screen and order management system.

The process goes as  following:

  • Guests can see the daily lunch offers in the MenuBoard screen where staff uploads prices and images in the begnning of the day.
  • Clients can order at the r_keeper cashier station or at one oft he three self-service terminals
  • By ordering food at the self-service kiosks clients can quickly pay by card, moreover, the waiting line spreads over three kiosks, thus the client needs to wait less.
  • After payment client receives the bill and order number which also appears on the order management system screen where client can follow the status of his order (making/done).
  • In the meantime, kitchen staff receives all the paid orders on their kitchen display and can immediately start preparing them.
  • When done, kitchen staff closes the order with a couple of screen taps and then the order number automatically moves to “done” list on the client display in the cafe.
  • After seeing that his order is done, the client goes to the conveyor belt where trays with food and order number are coming from the kitchen and collects his order.

MenuBoard and self-service kiosks


Self-service terminals


Order management system


Order pick up station


Cafe interior