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Lunch Up self-service

One of the largest restaurant and café chains “Amber Food” chose UCS Baltic as partners when opening the new concept daily lunch restaurants “Lunch up”. 

There are already three “Lunch up” daily lunch restaurants in Lithuania: in Vilnius, “Park Town” business center  (101 Lvovo st.) and U219 business center (219 Ukmergės st.) and also in Kaunas “Magnum” business center. 

All these restaurants have r_keeper Kiosk Pro self-service terminals with aeasy-to-use modern technical solution – high resolution touchscreens that take very little space. liečiamais auštos raiškos ekranais. Touchscreen monitors are hanged in a line on the wall and allow customers to form several lines and keep distance from each other. Printer and bank terminal are placen under the screens on a narrow surface which also hides the computers and wires and blends with the restaurant interior.  That is why “Lunch Up” self-service terminals look estetical and modern and the bright photos shown on the screen on waiting regime encourage to order. 

“Lunch up” daily lunch restaurant customers order the food using self-service terminals, pay by card and receive their order number together with the fiscal bill. In the meantime the order is transferred to the kitchen printer. Just in a few minutes the order is ready, the order number is placed on the tray with food by the kitchen worker and the food is travelling to the waiting area on a conveyer belt where the customer finds it by matching his order number with the one on the tray. 

More about the self-service Kiosk Pro read HERE

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