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QUADRUM daily lunch payment integration with pass cards

UCS Baltic recently completed a new project in QUADRUM business center, where employee pass cards were integrated with payment at the restaurants and cafes of the business center.

Now companies that rent premises in QUADRUM business center have a possibility to pay for their employee lunch electronically. How does it work?

  1. Business center installs UCS CRM module while all restaurants and cafes in the premises install special card readers integrated with r_keeper system.
  2. Companies order the service from the business center where they rent offices while UCS programs the employee pass cards
  3. Companies fill employee electronic wallets monthly with a chosen amount
  4. When paying at the restaurant or cafe employee puts his pass card at the card reader
  5. At the end of the month the remaining credit comes back to the company and the e-wallet is again filled

Collage of Quadrum Business Center restaurant area