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Self service solution in the renewed LivIn restaurant!

The renewed healthy and balanced daily lunch restaurant LivIn has opened its doors on the 8th of March offering a new self-service for its customers. 

In the restaurant we have installed three self-service terminals with r_keeper Kiosk Pro software, KDS and QMS systems. Restaurant owners chose the solution of touchscreen monitors that fits perfectly with the modern classic interior. 

Orders are sent to the kitchen using the Kitchen Display System and the customers are informed about the status of their order on the Queue Management System Screens in the food hall where they also can pick up their meal in a dedicated place. 

During the pandemic, when everyone needs to keep distance and avoid contact, self-service solution is a good way to keep your restaurant open. Self service terminals help spread the flow of customers and allows them to order by themselves without the contact with the waiter. 

More about self service terminals read HERE

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