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UPAY system – now in all Šilutė district schools

We have implemented “UPAY” system in schools of the Šilutė district municipality – students in all district primary and secondary school cafeterias can now settle payments with their electronic student cards. This marks the first region in Lithuania where we have completed the digitization of cafeteria payments in schools as part of the European Union’s “NextGenerationEU” project.

“The system has been recently introduced and we are already seeing its benefits – parents and guardians can see what their child is eating and where they spent money. Students are developing skills to manage their payment methods, monitor their expenses and learn to use various digital services. Additionally, students receiving free meals are no longer distinguished from others,” says Akvilina Žąsytienė, head specialist at the Education, culture and sports department of the Šilutė district municipality.

“In Šilutė district school cafeterias, we have installed seven cash registers for payments with electronic student cards. This solution is integrated with the Dutch “until” cash management program. Students no longer need to use cash, and parents and guardians can top up their electronic wallets through instant transfers on “TAMO.lt” platform or “UPAY” website. Cafeterias can view sales statistics and generate reports,” says our product manager Mindaugas Rapalis.

The goal of this “NextGenerationEU” project, financed by European Union funds, is to shape and promote financial and digital literacy among students, awareness, and to modernize infrastructure for non-cash transactions.

This is just the first step in integrating the student card into the daily routine of schools. The possibilities are extensive – with the same electronic student card it is possible to record attendance, monitor library book borrowings, and perform many other functions, greatly easing the lives of students and teachers. Contact us and we will be happy to explain how this can be done!