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Queue Management System

Eiliu valdymo sistema 2

Kitchen display

The main function of this system is to inform the customers about their order status. QMS (Queue Management System) allows the customers receive the information in a simple way and helps reduce lines, because people are not gathering in one spot to wait for their order, but rather spread around in the space where they can see the screen. According to the UCS Baltic research, the lines are shortened by up to 30 percent. 

This system consists of two main parts – Kitchen Display System and the client screen. The kitchen employees see the waiting orders on their kitchen display and can select them as completed in their system. In the meantime customers can see the status of their orders (“In process” or “Ready”) on the client screen which is hanged in the waiting area of the restaurant.  

How does it work?

  • The order is accepted at the cashier station or self-service terminal
  • After the customer pays his order, a n order number is printed. At the same time the order information appears on the Kitchen Display and the client screen in the waiting are shows the order as “In process”. 
  • The kitchen employee prepares the order and marks its completion in the kitchen display and the customer sees his order number in the “Ready” column and can come to pick up the order. 
  • When there are no active orders client screen can display the advertising material of the restaurant. 

Eiliu valdymo sistema