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Mobile waiter


delninukai r_keeper mobile waiter

  • r_keeper_7 Mobile Waiter works with both Android OS and iOS
  • 20% less personnel expanses and  20% higher turnover
  • Faster catering, higher quality of service
  • Especially suitable for outdoor cafes and terraces
  • Easy to work with one hand
  • Economical and modern solution


Restaurant hall plan is transferred to the Mobile waiter terminal. Real-time data is visible on the screen about the currently offered menu and offers. Using the mobile terminal the waiter receives the order quickly and accurately and the order information immediately is sent to the main system so kitchen workers can start preparing the order. The waiter does not need to get to the stationary POS to enter the order from his notebook nor wait for it to free up if another waiter is using it. The waiter then can use the time to provide a better service to the customers.


  • It was determined that one waiter can serve an average of 4 tables at once providing a good quality service and avoiding long waiting times. Using the Mobile Waiter system helps waiters serve an average of 6 tables at once. 
  • Less actions to receive an order – waiters don’t need a notebook or remember the order and later add it in the POS. 
  • If the order is accepted and confirmed at the table, the probability of mistakes is much smaller.
  • Mobile terminals are irreplaceable in the restaurants where it is not possible to stretch the computer wires due to the design or space constraints or working outdoors. 
  • It is easy to use only one hand to receive an order. Then if a customer wants to give an order to a passing waiter that can be done by one hand while holding dishes or other customers meal in the other hand.