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Storehouse module for hotels

No matter the business, it is very important to watch the income and expenses. And many still do the calculations using paper and pen, despite the technological possibilities. Avoiding new technologies in time prevents the expansion of business, so the store-keeping computer program is essential for the HoReCa sector.

Automate the order and supply levels with our reliable and precise software!

Store-keeping module can be activated in any Ericsoft system. It helps to create and manage an unlimited number of storehouses. The system not only offers a clear and precise analysis, provides access to old data, related to suppliers, but also allows to calculate the costs of used items and compare the prices and conditions of different suppliers in order to select the best trade option. In order to have control on services provided, store-keeping module allows the export of informative reports, such as:

  • Storehouse analysis by date and level: loading, unloading and transportation;
  • Store-keeping: according to terms, values and amounts in each storehouse;
  • Item accounting: lists with item amounts and comparison with minimal remainder allowance;
  • Average price for the weight selected: precise analysis of the items in the storehouse;
  • Cost analysis of each item: amount. price, margin in the selected period.



Choose Ericsoft software for your store-keeping

Storehouse module allows to automatically manage the remainder of unsold items and send orders to the suppliers. During configuration You will need to add the items and set the selected minimum and maximum limits. The program automatically shows the items in the storage and will create the order for the amount to reach the necessary limit. Afterwards all the information is transferred to the invoice and received items will be added to the storehouse.