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Already a fifth of all Lithuanian hotels trust Ericsoft

2020 was a really hard year for many businesses and especially for accommodation sector where hotels lost the opportunity to serve their guests or their activity was limited. However, the hotels used this time to improve their customer service and prepare for the post-quarantine times.

We are happy that many accommodation facilities searching for a more reliable administrative system, more economical service fee and additional reservation channels chose our hotel management system Ericsoft. 

After appearing in Lithuanian market in 2017 m. Ericsoft became one of the most popular hotel management systems in Lithuania and just last year the number of Ericsoft clients increased 1,5 times and now this system is used by almost fifty Lithuanian hotels!

We hope that this year we will also satisfy clients’ needs and more hotels will discover this excellent product !

More information about the hotel management system Ericsoft HERE.

This article is based on official VVTAT list of providers of accommodation services.