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Company will be led by Juozas Paliulis

We welcome our new CEO Juozas Paliulis, as we embrace changes within the company! Starting his new role, the leader expects our company to continue its successful growth in Lithuania and beyond, with a team comprising ambitious, motivated, and eager-to-improve individuals.

🟢 Juozas’s journey within the company spans 11 years – he began on his birthday as a travelling engineer, soon advancing to an engineer-coordinator due to his organizational skills. Later, he contributed to complex remote customer service processes. Recognizing the need for VIP client engineers for technical work, Juozas began focusing more on tailored technical solutions.

🟢 Juozas completed his degree in engineering informatics at Vilnius Tech, and the technical knowledge he gained at university proves valuable in his daily work, facilitating communication with clients, coordinating teams, and leading them to success.

🟢 Juozas started his path as a leader in January 2018, with his initial task being the organization of the operational activities of the travelling engineers’ department. He swiftly implemented necessary changes and, achieving the desired outcomes, became the head of the remote customer service department.

🟢 Over the years in the company, Juozas has acquired many additional skills: teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. He applies his initiative and ideas not only to his direct responsibilities. Our new company leader continually strives for the company’s well-being and endeavours to do more than what his job description entails.

🟢 During his free time, Juozas enjoys reading or listening to audiobooks and also participating in various seminars – he is interested in topics such as communication psychology, financial literacy, motivation, and leadership.

Embracing his new role, Juozas wishes himself and the entire team to support each other in both easy and challenging stages. “Each period brings its own lessons, and by learning them, we can grow as individuals, as a team, and as an entire organization,” he says.