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How to increase restaurant profitability? Install Growzer!

Do you know which dishes in your cafe or restaurant are winners – popular, with low cost and high profit, and which are sleepers – profitable, but with a need of a sales boost?

Growzer, an AI-powered and cloud-based warehouse management program, will easily show you the rankings and group all your meals into four categories so you can work more efficiently and profitably.

“This Belgian warehouse management program is intended for cafes, restaurants and restaurant chains with a large product warehouse, as well as for companies that seek the most accurate accounting and want the program to create value for them, and not the employees serving the program,” says Evelina Stakneviciute, Information Systems Consultant of our company.

This is a new program that we represent and provide service for. It is fully integrated with the unTill checkout system and automatically imports sales information from it.

3 things to remember about Growzer:

🟢 All key indicators are represented by charts and graphs, so they are easy to understand, and the program performs many functions automatically.

🟢 Most Lithuanian suppliers can be selected from an already compiled list, there is no need to enter details, and the inventory can be made in an Excel document and imported into the system – there is no need to fill in the data by hand.

🟢 It is possible to place orders for goods, this work is facilitated by prepared order templates and the average consumption of products calculated by the system.

Work in a modern way, know the exact situation of your restaurant or the entire chain, operating costs, and sales profitability, effectively manage spendings, plan menus, and set prices. Get in touch – we’ll be happy to hear more about your restaurant and show you how it all works.