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Integrated administration of Wolt and Bolt orders

Cafes and restaurants can now handle Wolt and Bolt orders much easier and faster – we have fully integrated the administration of the orders from the apps.

“It’s a much faster, simpler and fully integrated solution between all related applications. Additional tablets are no longer needed and manual work for cafe employees is reduced,” says Tomas Venclovas, Product Manager of our company.

Until now, Wolt and Bolt’s orders went to a separate tablet, and the cafe or restaurant employee had to enter the order again into the sales management system. Now, orders from the apps are automatically routed directly to the sales management system, where they can be confirmed and then converted into orders and sent to the kitchen. After placing the order, it can also be noted in the sales management system and a notification that the courier has collected the order can be sent.

Another convenience that will save a lot of time: it is possible to create a menu displayed in the Wolt and Bolt apps from the dishes already entered in the sales management system. It is no longer necessary to add them to the apps separately.

Wolt and Bolt are a convenient way for residents to order food, so we help our customers integrate and automate processes so that cafe and restaurant employees spend as little time as possible on managing these orders and additional equipment is no longer needed. And at the same time, the implementation of orders for cafe customers would be accelerated.

This integration is available in Lithuania and Latvia and works as an additional feature. Call +370 5 210 7247 or write sales@ucs.lt, and we will tell you more about the new functionality.