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UCS Baltic brings an Italian solution to the wellness and entertainment sector

Lithuanian wellness and entertainment sector operators will have a new product – Italian business management solution. This software is successfully used in South European tourism market and is created to effectively manage businesses of this specific sector.

Specialized software “GymGest“ will soon be installed in first facilities in Lithuania. It will be offered to SPAs, wellness, entertainment, leisure, rehabilitation centers, fitness clubs, pools and other similar places – announces UAB “UCS Baltic“ that has signed the contract with “Zucchetti Itaca“ (Italy) – creator of solutions for wellness and entertainment sector.

“This software can even be used for the management of medical rehabilitation services – there is a possibility to use National Health Insurance Fund codes. This not only helps to control the treatment and rehabilitation processes easier, but also facilitates faster reporting and accounting “, – says the CEO of “UCS Baltic“ Mr. Darius Simanavičius.

Market will have the possibility to choose from several different, but flexibly integrated modules which can be adapted to small as well as large wellness and entertainment facilities. “GymGest“ will help control entrances to the centers, regulate visitors flow, their membership, online service or specialist reservations, loyalty programs, will allow the usage of electronic wallets and send messages and notifications to clients.

“In Italy wellness and entertainment sector is well developed due to the favorable climate, large population and a lot of tourists, so successful experience of Italians will be very useful in our region “– says Darius. “The demand for complex services in Lithuania is increasing and for a while we were looking for a way to manage growing wellness and entertainment businesses. Huge visitor flows determine the need to make optimal use of organizational resources while maintaining high customer satisfaction. “

To its clients “UCS Baltic“ will offer the whole product portfolio of “Zucchetti Itaca“ and is planning to provide “GymGest“ solution not only in Lithuania, but in other Baltic countries and Belarus as well.

“Zucchetti Itaca“ provides solutions for wellness and entertainment sector for more than 24 years. Their management software is already installed in more than 2000 facilities in Italy and Europe. “Zucchetti Itaca“ belongs to IT company group “Zucchetti“ that has over 5500 employees. Group‘s annual turnover in 2018 has reached 675 million euros and the estimate for 2019 is 1 billion euros.

“UCS Baltic“ has over 20 years’ experience in providing specialized accounting and business management systems (fiscal systems for catering facilities and hotels, access and entrance control for large complex facilities, ticketing, reservation, CRM systems and so on).

Last year “UCS Baltic“ turnover reached 1,9 million euros and company estimates to cross the line of 2 million euros in 2019.