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Gymgest Software:

Gymgest is a complete solution for IT management of companies involved in services in the realm of wellness, sports, the care and rehabilitation of the body, beauty, hospitality, diet and leisure time. This is Gymgest, the integrated software and hardware system that simplifies operational management and affords a better organization of the activities and resources, optimizing all the scheduling, management and control activities.

Gymgest is totally integrated with specific hardware for access control, the actuation of equipment and services for users, management of access points; it integrates with access control readers and turnstiles, information totems, automatic cash desks, electronic locking systems for lockers and locks on doors and offices, catch TAG for the automatic recovery of RFID trasponders, shower/hair dryer management systems, trasponders of all types (bracelets, cards, keychains, etc.)

In the BASE MODULE C.A. the following operations are contained:

1. Fitness centers


  • Access control: has a function for users to access workstation configuration, control terminal configurations and control overall managerial aspects.
  • Medical certificates: Configuration of medical certificates, validity, membership fees etc. 
Management part
  • Personnel management: Configuration of task groups: operational qualifications of the group, personal data and operational authorizations of the person.
  • Document management: Configuration of receipts, invoices, receipts, contracts, estimates, etc.
  • Customer management Management of personal data, contract management, historical management of customer entrance.
  • Cash management: recorded data of everything what is related with cash flow management, in other words – recording where your money comes from and goes (e.g. Historical management of customer payments, deposit and return management and historical management of issued documents).
Technical Features:
  • Statistical analysis: Statistical analysis of any data recorded before. 

2. Swimming Center

About MySwim

My Swim is the professional software suite for the total and integrated management of swimming pools and swimming centers, where the subscriber and occasional customers can be managed. It is suitable for centers of any size, from small to large, multi-purpose, to international chains.

Inputs included:

  • Unique database: allows the integrated management of all the departments of the center with powerful customer relationship management and analysis capabilities.
  • Software solutions: client-server control, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-company controlling is included.
  • Booking of single services: possibility for users to see available time for their procedures, see the employee that is assigned for their procedure booked and control the booking itself.


  • Product and warehouse management: management of products, integrated with reservation system (that is – when a reservation is performed by the customer the products required for that reservation also deducted).
  • Activations: in order to save on water and electricity bills, setting to manage showers, hair driers and other tools is available.






3. Wellness Centers


We would like to introduce you to the softwares developed to be implemented in to wellness centers, that is MyBeauty, MySalus and MySpa  softwares. They are professional software suite for the management and the access control of beauty, tanning, wellness, rehabilitation centers and spa’s where the human optimization, architectural and technological resources is important, in order to provide services and treatments at the highest level of quality and efficiency. 

Integrated systems included:

  • Scalable: Suitable for centers of any size, from small to large, multi-purpose, to international chains.
  • Customer relationship management
  • ‘MyAppy’ Application for the smartphones.
  • E-commerce and E-booking
  • Management of Single Services and Treatment Packages.
  • Medical Module – Medical Folder accessibility, acceptance and conventions.
  • Booking management: via servers.














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