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Smart business management


We offer complete and integrated solutions for hotels and restaurants that lead to real improvements in performance of different size properties, from independent ones to chains. By communicating with each other in real time, our software provide a 24/7 support in the management of your property. Thanks to automatic processes and always up-to-date information our systems guarantee maximum efficiency, simplify your workflow and allow you to monitor the core aspects of your business.


Grow yourprofits
Strategies to cover fixed costs and increase revenue

Increase your efficiency
Improving organizational workflow and staff coordination

Customer Care 
A quick and accurate service to satisfy your guests’ needs

Time management
Manage your time effectively, delegate tasks to your PMS


Our PMS and web solutions to increase your online reservations

hotel 4°

Manage each strategic area of your hotel from one single interface

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booking engine

Your online reception 24/7 to increase your direct reservations

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channel manager

Real time rates and availability on all online portals

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Quotes creation and email marketing campaign for guest

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