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Self-service terminals

Self-service terminal allows customer to order meals and pay the bill on their own, without the help of the cashier or waiter. These terminals are perfect for self-service restaurants where client orders the meal and picks it up in a designated spot or restaurants that want to save the time of the employees. During quarantine it is a great solution to reduce waiting lines. Self-service terminals can be various types, from tiny tablet size computers to huge kiosks, hanged on the wall or mounted on the surface or floor. We will always find the best solution for the client.
elo savitarsnos kasos

Elo Wallaby Slim

New generation modern self-service terminals Elo are perfectly suitable for restaurants that don’t have a lot of space or don’t want to cover their interior. Elo Wallaby slim terminals can be place in any place of the restaurant on the floor or mounted on a higher surface. 

Savitarnos terminalas kioskas Evoke

Evoke self-service

Modern and long lasting self-service terminal Evoke is just what a contemporary fast food restaurant needs. This type kiosks are used by the most well known fast food joints in all over the world.

Savitarnos kasa r_keeper


Touchscreen monitors, adapted for r_keeper Kiosk Pro self-service system. are subtle looking and taking very little space. High resolution helps advertise your dishes in bright colors and optimal display size helps customers choose their meal easily order, see their shopping cart and pay.

FEC AerPOS 13 savitarnos kasa

FEC Aer PPC All-in-one

FEC Aer PPC All-in-one is a tablet size self-service terminal. This is the best option for restaurants that prefer to have a tablet solution because Aer PPC is small, but much more resistant than the usual tablets that often break from usage.