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News in catering sector – self-service system on a tablet

We have developed a self-service system on a tablet called “YZY Order”. Self-service is currently the most desirable solution for cafes and restaurants, but large self-service terminals take up a lot of space and are expensive, so a compact and affordable self-service system on a tablet works more efficiently in the small Lithuanian market.

The self-service solution is particularly useful in fast food restaurants or pizzerias, where customers expect fast service. When the customer approaches the tablet placed in a convenient place on the stand, they can open the menu, choose meals, place an order and pay for it by card or cash at the cash register, if they choose this method of payment.

“The waiter only needs to bring the prepared order to the table or leave it at the pick-up point. This saves a lot of time for the waiters, because there is no need to bring the menu, take the order and accept payment, and the customers can choose and order at their own pace. This is especially relevant now, when it is more difficult for restaurants to find employees, and customers are getting more and more used to self-service checkouts in stores,” says Mantas Antanaitis, Product Manager at our R&D team.

The self-service system has its own queue management module and a kitchen screen, where restaurant kitchen staff mark the orders as ready, and customers automatically see the status of their order and its change on the screen in the hall.

Meals are entered into the system in the same way as they are entered into the administrator’s system at the cash register, you only need to add a picture or photo and a minimal description of the meal that the guest will see on the tablet screen. If the kitchen no longer has a certain ingredient, the selection of a dish can be blocked in the system or a balance can be entered, which will decrease each time a dish is ordered at any checkout.

We train employees how to work with the self-service system, how to compile and adjust the menu, and if you have any questions, we are always ready to help.

Would you like to install self-service in your cafe or pizzeria? Contact us – we will advise and help you choose the most effective solution, and soon your customers will be able to enjoy the innovation and accelerated service!